Rugs complement floor coverings
A rug can help create focal points as well as comfort on today’s hard and often cold floor coverings.

Having a rug in your home or office is a growing trend.

Not only do rugs provide a boost to your decor, particularly if you have opted for neutral tones in your walls, ceilings and floor coverings, but they can also enhance comfort.

Here’s some of the other reasons you should consider getting a rug for your home or business:

  • Comfort:  More and more people are opting for easy care floor coverings such as vinyls, tiles and floorboards (both real and synthetic) and rugs provide the perfect complement.  They are warm for not only your feet but also if you want to just relax on the floor, particularly with young family.
  • Cleaning:  Rugs are also practical in terms of cleaning.  Because they are usually portable they can be easily cleaned with many even able to be placed outside for airing, dusting and drying … you can’t do that with your traditional carpet floor coverings.
  • Cost effective: Because rugs are generally a lot less costly than replacing your floor coverings you can save money when you need to update or when your floor coverings have reached the end of their life.
  • Portable: The portability of rugs means you can change around your house or business decor often without expending lots to change your floor coverings, layout and colour scheme.